Northwood Congregational Church​, UCC

Reverend Arthur Urie,

Interim Pastor

Arthur Urie, more commonly known as Art, is a graduate of the University of Vermont and Chicago Theological Seminary.  He has worked with churches large (not mega-sized) and small (some even minute) in Maryland and New Hampshire.  For the last thirty years he has made a specialty of working with smaller churches in the transition time between called pastors. 

Art is convinced that the Interim time between pastors can be a fruitful time for churches to consider its life and what changes it might make to provide for a good relationship with their next called pastor.  During the interim time it is possible for the church to experiment and try some new things and see how they work, to do some creative thinking about how the church serves Christ, and to consider other ways the church might serve.  During the interim time both pastor and church know that any change that is made is not permanent but can be used for learning.

When he is not working at the church Art enjoys reading, hiking, and traveling. In his spare time he owns and operates a small real estate agency.  He is involved in real estate not only because he enjoys helping people find the house they want (and helping people sell the house they no longer want), but because that employment makes it possible for him to accept part time employment from the church.

Art is an informal person and prefers to be called Art or Pastor Art or Mr. Urie.  He considers Rev. to be a very formal title, best used on formal occasions. He will answer to (almost) anything, and is glad to hear from and talk with people – he is at the church (942-7116) Wednesday mornings 9:00 to 12:00 and Thursday 9:00 to 5:00.  He is glad to receive messages at his home office (735-5444) any time.

We are a church with a heart which seeks to know God

through Jesus Christ and live according to our beliefs.